Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Script Virus Remover

SVRplus version 1.1 will removed the most powerful Script Virus listed below

1.) Lady Atenean Scandal Remover
2.) Nude SSG Sex Scandal Remover
3.) Cool USEP Scandal Remover
4.) Taga Lipa Are Remover
5.) Samoku Remover
6.) Autome Remover
7.) AutoRun Remover
8.) Jollybeecute Remover
9.) Mma Remover

10.) zdrqni Remover
11.) t8s2x or Cdoosoft Remover
12.) FU Virus Remover (Not tested*)
13.) Gphone Sohanad Remover (Not tested*)
14.) Funny UST Scandal Remover (Not tested*)
15.) Password_viewer Remover (Not tested*)
16.) Sohanad Remover (Not tested*)
17.) ZTEScandal Remover (Not tested*)

*No actual worms being disected. This is base on previous encounter.

It restore your RegEdit, Folder Options, Task Manager and Internet Explorers Homepage from restriction made by the SV, and these is are their only critical target. No need to reformat your hardisk!

Some Anti-Virus software cant get rid of the SV. Some will be detected and a couple of seconds, it came back again.

Your system will be cleansed by this glorious program once it gets infected that anti-virus cant do! Or it can, by Words :p

This is the solution to your problem! No need to pay coz' this is for free!

Note: It contain a sample of SV called a "Lady Atenean Scandal" for you to test, so dont wonder if your anti-virus detect it. you have the cure. ^_^


  1. wow thank you soo much! mwahh(*_^) my computer is running much better now. you saved me from reformatting it.

  2. congrats u did a very good job..keep it up!...God bless you...Keep believing in your talents and skills im sure you'll be succesful someday...God bless you...from "the secret"

  3. Oh, my gosh!!! thank you so much for sharing this amazing tool it help me remove that stupid lady atenean virus thank you so much!!!


  5. ai earthworm??? are you sure about this??? hey, by the way, thanks for that wonderful command prompt programming you've got... it helped me a lot.... my PC is now, fast, clean and cool.. thanks... God Bless you dude..

  6. T_T file request is deleted.. is there anyway? pls help

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